About the Artist

Sharon Ludwig has been a land developer and builder for over 12 years. Although construction was a great passion while rearing her two beautiful daughters, Kimberly and Amber, Sharon continually received what she called “downloads” of creative artistic ideas. Although she incorporated many of these expressions in her projects, most were filed in her computer under “Creation Folder.”

As Life tends to provide exactly what is needed albeit sometimes challenging for purposes of growth, the market fell into its current gloomy condition; consequently, Sharon at long last found herself with time on her hands; thus BySheSaid.com was born.

Beautiful rusted metal gates with subtle touches of stained glass and gentle aspects of nature are being created along with metal daisy flowers, metal sculptures, sconces and more.

Each creation holds a subtle esoteric message inviting the owner to reflect on the deeper meaning of life. The message of her rusted metal Daisies: “She loves me, she loves me lots — He loves me, he loves me lots — Live In Love” … speaks for itself. Sculptures such as “The Strength of Family” — “Hope” — and “Rebirth” were inspired by what Sharon believes to be a wonderful invitation to refrain from focusing on what is wrong with the world; to “Be the change you want to see in the world.” (Gandhi).

When asked about the name “BySheSaid” Sharon explains her belief that we each hear a quiet “voice” inside, directing us to step into our own unique purpose of being. Most, typically out of economic fear or of not being “good enough” choose a safer path while some learn to trust “She Said.”  It is never too late.

Although much of the meaningful art created BySheSaid is commissioned by clients for their personal or commercial space, others are seeking a personalized unique gift with a message from the heart.

Feel free to contact Sharon Ludwig via email or phone in order to discuss how BySheSaid may best serve.

In Gratitude,

(520) 358-0444