I’ll take it. I’ll take any opportunity to sit in silence while reflecting on desired manifestations in the upcoming moment…to moment…to moment…beginning…11.11.11.

It is now November 9, 6:27 p.m. As I sit in my office typing this blog, through the window I see the almost full moon gazing down with all of its glory. Native American music…a flute…playing in the background. 11.11.11. Just think. All of those “1’s” in alignment with a willingness to allow humanity to place special meaning to their existence.

There is much projection being placed on this date. Humanity looks forward with a renewed hope in the possibility that this date will mark the new beginning for which so many have patiently awaited. With Thanksgiving right around the corner I am reminded of the thought each and every year about how wonderful it is to have a day set aside where most remember to simply say…”thank you.” The collective. Thank you. Gratitude.

And now? The collective. Projecting. New Beginnings. New. Begin. New…Be

I am called to drive to the Grand Canyon; to be with this amazing display of Mother Nature on 11.11.11. I want to whisper in her ear just how much I love her beauty, how much she has helped me along the way. I want to look over the vastness of her landscape in awe while realizing how she was pushed, pulled, shifted…over and over again through all kinds of turbulent waters before she was eventually formed into such a significant demonstration of all that is possible. Her lessons are unlimited for those eyes that are willing to see.

It is my wish for each and every person, that they embrace 11.11.11 in their unique way for the betterment of their life experience. It is also my wish that since the collective has decided to focus on the significance of this date, that we each take a moment to visualize our world at peace, whole, sharing the wealth, laughing with the children, saying thank you to those who have wounded us, holding ever so close those reflecting our greatest selves. Finally, can we collectively see, albeit difficult, the opportunity of tapping into our inner strength; a strength as magnificent as the Grand Canyon…of becoming a truly great community…during a time of greed driven world chaos?

The power of the collective is immense, as are the possibilities in:

1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 . . .









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