A Thousand Years . . .





My daughter Kimberly sent the most heart felt email this

morning about the possibility of at long last, discovering

her “Other.” 


Being a beautiful girl having done the work on her spirit, it has been a challenge to meet that person who could truly relate to her vision of life.  Unwilling to settle, she has patiently stood fast while continuing to do the work on her…self.

I can relate.  We have had many talks over the years as we have reflected one another in this thing called Life.  Knowing the gifts we hold, inside…those gifts just waiting to be shared with that person capable of honoring the very best part of us…our true hearts.

I think most people long for this. 

There was an incredible woman in my home/studio a couple of weeks ago for the purpose of co-creating a design for a By She Said  Angel sculpture.  That was the “reason” she was here but quickly the true “purpose” presented itself as the next four hours were spent sharing on a very deep heart level.  As we sat on the floor in front of my altar, the floodgates opened wide as her soul expressed itself.  How she loved her husband…her family… and also, 

how she had diminished the very best part of her spirit for over 20 years in her attempt to please her husband.  Her light…her volume…had been turned way down for way too long.  

The time had come when she could no longer deny the truth of her being…her purpose…her light.

Suffice it to say, she completely shifted from fear…to truth…to love…to self awareness.

We email now and she is beautifully proceeding with her work here on Earth as the teacher she came here to be…beginning with her husband.  Lo and behold, he is not leaving and is showing up beautifully in embracing this very different, strong, self assured woman. 

“The only responsibility we have…is to be true to ourselves.”   In every moment of every day.  Period.  End of story. (Hopefully).  

In the web of life, each of us has one job…to hold up that very important strand..OUR strand in the collective web. 

Should we possess the courage to be true to that one strand, then we will have done our work in the greater architecture of Life.  

Maintaining self Truth is not easy as most have discovered.  However, I promise…the more it is practiced, the easier it becomes and it is so worth it.  

Freedom.  The freedom to show up in the world as the real you.  Remember that TV show where they would say:  “Will the REAL (so and so) … please step forward?” 

        How many… know… the R E A L self?

Please listen to this heart piercing song:  “A Thousand Years.”  However, instead of hearing it through the filter of discovering the “Other” man/woman of your life… 

hear it through a filter of having discovered the real…you.


Homework:  Listen to it every single day.  Then go about the work you came here to do.






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