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Let Go


silence in this soul

a witness;

words come and go

loud fingers pointing…humans.

broad strokes;

blame and shame…

painted on life’s canvas

in perceived realism.


these eyes searching

preferring abstract

colors free …

dancing kaleidoscopes



transparent voice

soft. harsh. free. being.

most love her.

peace. inside.

paths leading … home;

no discrimination.


there in her waters

a reflection longing

“may i be one with you?”

let go” she said …

“grass grows

wind blows


do what they do.”

a smile.

soft clouds abstract

enter this canvas;

‘namaste’ she whispers.

Energy Crisis? Americaʼs Greatest Untapped Resource

Meet Santa.  This incredible man is 80 years old and has been “Santa” for thousands of children for over 60 years!!!!  When I recently met him at an annual event sponsored by two amazing friends who exemplify the meaning of giving, I just couldn’t take enough pictures.  He carried such joy on his face; a look of pure delight in doing his part in creating hope/dreams/love/laughter/peace…delight for those children that day.  Santa had found his purpose in the collective so many years ago and the kind lines on his incredible face told their stories.  

Years ago I was the Director of Broadway Proper, a Tucson Retirement Community. Spending eight years with well over 200 Seniors with a mean age of 84 was like being pumped full of all of the best of Spirit energy. Unfiltered Truth, Pure Love, Utmost Integrity, Compassion, Forgiveness, Intellectual Accomplishment and best of all…Feeling…I mean R-E-A-L…Feeling, on every level. Each having become at this stage of life, graduates of the “Divinal University of Life” (as my Pops used to call it.) Graduates with the Highest of Honors.

I realized with great intensity the gifts these Seniors had to offer and sadly, in our society where we do not embrace aging; rather we shun it and spend big bucks to make it go away, there were no people lining up to receive these gifts.

Can you imagine the collective quantity of Life Understanding and Knowledge all wrapped up in 200 souls having experienced their individual Journeys, having weathered the storms of Life…Wars, the Great Depression and their own personal life lessons?

I was speaking with an 87 year old Lady (in the truest sense) one evening. I sat with her in her room and glanced up to see a black and white photograph of her standing there with the most incredible flowing wedding gown…so regal, so beautiful. “Babs, when you look at that girl in that photograph, what do you feel? Do you feel the same inside? What has Life taught you since you were that young bride?”

Babs reflected for just a moment. “I feel the same inside; I am still that girl. I think, if I could live my life over, I wouldnʼt be so angry with Anthony over the little things.”

Then there was Nick, a retired truck driver from New York. He had this habit of pinching our cute young Activities Director under the water during water aerobics. After the third or fourth “comeuppance” in my office prompted by complaints from the Senior ladies, I asked: “Nick, why do you continue to pinch Ms. Lohberg when you know it’s going to get you in trouble? ” Nick lowered his head … “I just can’t help myself.” I mean, come ON, you just have to LOVE that!

The many gifts I received during those eight years…the love and devotion this “village” freely showered upon my daughters, then ages five and seven, to this day present themselves in our lives, over and over again. I hear the voices, I see the examples and I try to live up to those invitations. I see the poise and deep understanding that Kim and Amber possess to this day, an understanding that seeped into their beings from the touch of 200 hearts and souls.

It is my invitation to you to accept the gifts of our aging. Ask the questions. Embrace the insights. If there is a conduit through which a Senior can be connected in order to give their energy, please facilitate this connect. It’s free and I promise you won’t find this in a textbook.

“Thank you for your life.” “What can you teach me?”

There it is.

Americaʼs Greatest Untapped Resource.

Who Is She?

Who. Is. She.

She is that quiet/patient yet demanding voice…inside…deep; that voice that try as we might… cannot be denied. We do attempt…with great intensity…to busy ourselves in order to drown her out. For you see, if we dare to listen, to really hear…then, we must be accountable.

I call her “She” because to me, the voice feels like a She. To another, perhaps the voice may feel like a “He.” We all, each and every one of us, hear the … Voice.

In those quiet moments when we step outside our busy make believe world – perhaps a walk in nature or upon awakening in the still, dead of night or even during those life moments such as driving to work, sitting through a business meeting, or even during love making when some part of us is in denial…She whispers…the…Truth.

There have been times in my Life when I have known that I must follow her direction no matter what. There have also been those defining moments when I felt as if my Light was going out, when I couldn’t breathe or sleep…or fake it any longer. Defining moments…albeit so very difficult at the time, become our greatest most life-altering…gifts. is a culmination of her voice; what I have come to call the “downloads.” During my life, I have performed as necessary in showing up as a single woman, devoted Mom to two incredible daughters, dedicated daughter to “Muz” and “Pops” and worker bee/breadwinner as a homebuilder/land developer. During the last two years of failing economy I have been forced to “Be still and know that I am…”

The time is now. The birthing of I have come to trust; to no longer tell myself that I/She/It… is not good enough or prepared enough. Sound familiar?

Who is She? The Spirit Voice of you…of me…of the collective. By jumping off in total obedience and trust, it is my hope that each of you will be inspired to do so as well


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