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“Love Me”

In my shop, the process of creation is so fascinating.  Two days ago, in preparation for the upcoming Tucson Museum of Art Festival, I decided to create a whimsical sculpture with no predetermined thought of design.

I began with a sunflower, then thought…”hmmm… maybe I’ll add a heart.”   The magic seemed to begin at some point during the next few welds and before I knew it, the energy of which I can only explain as similar to my perception of a “mad scientist”…began to express itself inside my body.

Two days later…”Love Me” was complete. 

As I stood back last night and observed the finished piece…the “download” poured in and this is what “She” said:

2012.  Proclaimed by many as the “End of the World.”   For almost every soul I know, this projection is proving to be true.  The world as we have known it, is in fact … dying out. 

The voice of the Sacred Feminine (for women and men alike) is proclaiming powerfully from a methodically constructed  foundation of Self Love as She commands:


Full On Light as her Purpose is being met.

Full On Volume as her Truth is being stated.

Communion with her Tribe as Souls are Collectively Honored.

Sacred Love and Love Making as her Temple is being Respected.

Spontaneous Giving as Need is presented.

Vibrancy of Body as Nourishment is Meticulously selected.

Clarity of Thought guided by:  “What Would Love Do?”

Honoring ALL life forms as the Golden Rule is Actualized.

Respect and Nurturing for Mother Earth as her Sacred Home. 

Gratitude as her Path…all of it…is Understood.

So you see, the sculpture whispered its name as the heart shaped “leaves” along with the letters…m…e…were welded to the stem of the high flying heart…

“Love Me. “

I felt it … inside.  I felt the solid knowing of the Purpose of my Path…the Joy, the Sorrow, the perceived loss.  I knew that finally, at long last,     I … love … me;       and the best part? 

In loving me and I mean ALL of me, I can now truly Love others and I mean, ALL of others as I embrace the many lessons of diversity.

The elements of “Love Me” danced before me.  As the Sunflower stood tall and solid in its serious display of inner light purpose, the heart flew high while singing “I LOVE!” in the breeze.  Larger flowers were still as they displayed Beauty and Creation in the “Now” … while little Daisies danced wildly in all directions as they laughingly proclaimed …”Dare to Be!!!…”

I am grateful for 2012…for the waking up experience being chosen by so many.  It is my prayer for all to stand very still with closed eyes and hear the heart as She whispers… 

“Trust Me

“Be True to Me” 

“Love … Me” 






a time to remember

people hurting one another

yet inside silence



in every moment

begin again

a new improved version


look only to the shadows

for remembering…

wisdom learned


carry all-ways

a grateful heart

breathe in … life


cry big tears

humbly quenching thirst

much needed in Spring



with surrender

unguarded heart




in word in deed



a reminder.







Largest Single Living Organism

I was told that after a devastating forest fire, Aspen trees really flourish.  I have seen evidence of this in Mother Nature during walks in the woods…beautiful families of Aspens so alive and vibrant surrounded by fallen charred Pines in varying stages of decay.  Aspens are connected by their roots and are therefore known as the largest single living organism.

For some reason this morning, my phone has buzzed incessantly with texts from so many people…reaching out.  Like the pines, during these difficult times where multitudes have fallen after varying states of economic/physical/relationship/emotional “fires,” there is a flourishing…a growing of vibrant love/giving/community…a coming together in deep devotion like no other time I have witnessed in my lifetime…other than perhaps 9/11.

We are all connected … like roots … inside … therefore … the largest single living organism.



“What we do to others, we do to ourselves.”  “What we speak of others, we speak of ourselves.”  

“How we give to others, we give to ourselves.”

“How we love others … we love ourselves.”

So many are questioning:  “Why is this happening to me?”  

Look to the Aspens.  

I love Mother Nature as she has always provided … answers … reflections … of life. We must take care of her and whisper “thank you” for all that she gives.

Aspens are cropping up all around.  Connected.  Rooted in humility yet grandeur.  Offering beauty as light shimmers in the breezes of Life. 

I offer this today because my heart is full.  



The Mystery


A couple of months ago By She Said was accepted into the Tucson Museum of Art annual art show and it was amazing.  There were connections made that will forevermore run deep as art seekers “got” By She Said’s message.  My daughter Kimberly has this wonderful belief that what we offer in our business is really our “Store Front” … as the real work/life purpose commences once customers step inside.  

This is true.  Those attracted to the art of By She Said would approach her “store” then heart stories would be shared…time after time.  I felt so blessed to be there.

Nancy Nagle was one of those connections.  I have her permission to share this story.  This video entitled “The Mystery” shares a truly beautiful unfolding during the weeks that followed my encounter with Nancy…a light filled soul whom I hold in my heart as a treasured gift.

Just this morning I shared this FaceBook post:

Always having been a complete believer of what Albert Einstein expressed in this post, I have come to understand from experience the truth of what he says in a profound way.  

Although I named the video “The Mystery,” deep inside an excitement erupts each time I witness this Mystery/Physics/Spirit co-creation with the realization that this process truly is NOT a Mystery.  The only factor involved in our lack of experiencing these miracles in each and every moment…is that we Human Be-ings are most commonly functioning as Human Doubt-ings…or perhaps Human Fear-ings.

I will share that upon Nancy’s viewing of “The Mystery”…. I received the most heart felt voice message wherein she emotionally expressed her shift from sorrow to joyful inspiration.  Nancy had intended to place her bird feeder inside her home, as a shrine to her father, John.  She was grieving her lose deeply.  She expressed that she felt the dove was a messenger…gently whispering that her father was well and at peace within the Cycle of Life.  Nancy went on to say that the bird feeder would be placed outside…feeding the birds…just as John would have wanted. 



She was at Peace.



Ahh…the Nature of the Mystery.  



A Thousand Years . . .





My daughter Kimberly sent the most heart felt email this

morning about the possibility of at long last, discovering

her “Other.” 


Being a beautiful girl having done the work on her spirit, it has been a challenge to meet that person who could truly relate to her vision of life.  Unwilling to settle, she has patiently stood fast while continuing to do the work on her…self.

I can relate.  We have had many talks over the years as we have reflected one another in this thing called Life.  Knowing the gifts we hold, inside…those gifts just waiting to be shared with that person capable of honoring the very best part of us…our true hearts.

I think most people long for this. 

There was an incredible woman in my home/studio a couple of weeks ago for the purpose of co-creating a design for a By She Said  Angel sculpture.  That was the “reason” she was here but quickly the true “purpose” presented itself as the next four hours were spent sharing on a very deep heart level.  As we sat on the floor in front of my altar, the floodgates opened wide as her soul expressed itself.  How she loved her husband…her family… and also, 

how she had diminished the very best part of her spirit for over 20 years in her attempt to please her husband.  Her light…her volume…had been turned way down for way too long.  

The time had come when she could no longer deny the truth of her being…her purpose…her light.

Suffice it to say, she completely shifted from fear…to truth…to love…to self awareness.

We email now and she is beautifully proceeding with her work here on Earth as the teacher she came here to be…beginning with her husband.  Lo and behold, he is not leaving and is showing up beautifully in embracing this very different, strong, self assured woman. 

“The only responsibility we have…is to be true to ourselves.”   In every moment of every day.  Period.  End of story. (Hopefully).  

In the web of life, each of us has one job…to hold up that very important strand..OUR strand in the collective web. 

Should we possess the courage to be true to that one strand, then we will have done our work in the greater architecture of Life.  

Maintaining self Truth is not easy as most have discovered.  However, I promise…the more it is practiced, the easier it becomes and it is so worth it.  

Freedom.  The freedom to show up in the world as the real you.  Remember that TV show where they would say:  “Will the REAL (so and so) … please step forward?” 

        How many… know… the R E A L self?

Please listen to this heart piercing song:  “A Thousand Years.”  However, instead of hearing it through the filter of discovering the “Other” man/woman of your life… 

hear it through a filter of having discovered the real…you. 

Homework:  Listen to it every single day.  Then go about the work you came here to do.






“We just love each other.”

Last evening I was sitting with a client for the purpose of hearing her life story.  By She Said was being commissioned to create a tree…a tree that would portray the story of this incredible family I had been blessed to encounter. My heart was open to receive any insights from all I was hearing and busily, the details of these lives were being recorded on my artist sketch pad.

Then I asked this question:

“When you see yourself as a very old, wise person…rocking in your chair… and you look back on your life with your partner…what do you feel inside?  What has been that bond that has been the foundation of your shared lives?”

Hesitating for only a moment, my client stated.

“We just love each other.”

Simple.  Yet…profound in its simplicity.  

My pen stopped and I found myself really seeing this beautiful woman facing me.  In that moment of truth, she looked like a young, innocent, heart opened soul and I recognized her message.

So many will state “The word “Love” is overused.”  ”You KNOW how much I love you…why do I have to say it?”  or…”I say I love you with my actions…I don’t need to say the words…words are just words.”

What if at the end of our lives we could say about ALL of our encounters along the way:

“We just loved each other.”

Although those who know me often tease about my living in “la la land” or wearing my emotions on my sleeve (smile)…there is even a deeper commitment to express the love I feel to those touching my path.

I say:  

Express love.  Every day.  Shout it from the rooftop.  Whisper it in an ear.  Even when it feels awkward…get used to it.  How often do we see an action that elicits a sense of loving/appreciation/admiration…only to walk away without expression.

WOW!  I kid you not … just at this EXACT moment…I received this text:  

I love you.”    

I’m laughing here… talk about validation!  What more can I say.


Breaking Free.


This image was posted on FB this morning and WOW did it speak to me. 

23 years ago I left my familiar safe world of married, family, perfect home, perfect everything.  Although my entire world did seem perfect to the entire world … inside,  where “She Said” had been silenced for so very long…my Spirit was far from “home.”   In fact, I remember feeling like my light was going out.  

In one defining moment, I shifted and broke free.  It was not easy.  I’ve come to realize that these defining moments/ invitations/urgent messages never are … easy.

The very first piece of art I purchased after this major shift was by an artist “Sticks” with the message printed upon a piece of wood that had been loosely formed into an Angel…

“for a long time … she flew only when she thought no one else was looking.”

I cried buckets.  It had been true of my life.

After all of these years, I can say that I have learned to fly.  I fly in solitude.  I fly in crowds.  Sometimes I fall flat on my face as in my takeoff, my wings may have  become iced with poor judgment.  Perhaps in that moment, I had eaten yet one more serving of junk food only to realize that yep…just no longer fulfilling.  Then I turn to the highest fruit on the tree of life where I can be nourished by the truth of my path … my Purpose.

Life is wonderful.  The Journey is filled with intrigue … with great insights and rewards.

Even when we fall.  

My Pops used to love this little saying:

“I asked Life for a penny…and Life would pay no more.  At the end of each day I would sit…and count my scanty store.    

Life is a just rewarder…she gives you what you ask; but…once you’ve set the wages, then you must bear…the task. 

I asked Life for a penny…only to learn too late;

that any wage 

I would have asked of Life, 

Life would have willingly … paid.”

Yep…for a long time she flew only when she thought no one else was looking…

but … no more.










Okay…I should be in my shop welding right now to prepare for an upcoming show.  But…I just can’t let this day go by without addressing…Valentines Day…a day set aside for expressing Love. 


I know, I know…EVERY day is for showing love and V-Day was initiated by retailers to force sales of cards, flowers, candy, etc…right? 

Well, I’m thinking today of all of the fellow travelers holding a place in my heart.  Kim and Amber at the top of the list…followed by Teddy (of course) and my family.  Then there are my close friends, clients, and … those people in my past whom have helped mold my Spirit into what it is today.  

How about checking in with your heart…with that one person you feel has wounded you…the most:

  “Happy Love Day.  I appreciate the Growth you brought to my Life.”  

Maybe I’m going overboard here?  Well…maybe it’s my age inviting me to expand the meaning of Valentines Day?  Who knows.  

All I know is, it felt really good to take my morning and text tons of people just to say… 

“Happy Love Day.  I appreciate you.”


Finally, just think about the collective energy going out into the world as a result of tons of people taking action … to express love and appreciation. 

This is an OPPORTUNITY folks!  

Instead of a collective energy of…oh let’s say…fear?  Judgment of all that is broken?  Worry over work?     I’m too fat?  (lol)   So and so wounded me?  And on and on and on…





Last night while hearing all over the news, beautiful accolades about the unbelievably talented Whitney Houston, I found myself feeling anger.  I recalled the many photos published proudly in the most sensational way on magazine covers … photos exposing Whitney in her lost state of drugs and alcohol.

I wondered:  Could this outcome have been avoided if society had published, while Whitney was alive, all of these same incredible statements of her talent, kindness as a person, etc. as opposed to adding to her obvious humiliation and sense of being lost? 

Why do we as a society act in this fashion?  Why do we support any action whether it be purchasing publications or even entering into discussions at the expense of another’s journey?  Gossip?  Remaining silent while hearing ugly comments about another when we know in our hearts the beauty in that “Other?”  We take in wounded animals, even creating a network of support in adoption programs all across the country; yet, often times lost/self abusive souls are harshly criticized, conveniently omitted from invitation lists, … forgotten … until ….

What if we visualized a bright fluorescent orange  “FRAGILE” sticker on the foreheads of each and every person crossing our paths?  

What if, upon hearing unkind gossip we inserted a gentle comment of something good we know to be true in that person?  

Thank you Whitney for your life and in passing … for this invitation.  




Let Others Succeed


“Try… to let others succeed, and as you do so, you succeed in a far more eternal way.”    (Love Is Facebook Posting 2/8/12.) 


“Hi Honey…This was a posting on Facebook this morning. You’re all over this!  So proud of you Amber Elise Ludwig who used to sit in your swing and watch all of the ridiculousness/incredibleness of life…you took it in…made it better…became that…and now you go about your work.  Amen.

Love, Your Mama”


This was a followup email to my daughter after she shared an action purely for the benefit of helping someone which I can say, is a frequent occurrence.  I am so blessed to have two daughters out there in the world doing their work in making a difference.

My heart has been all over this topic in the last few days and has invited me to write a blog about it.  As is the way of the inner voice, it just gets louder and louder in its request for action until finally, this morning, it became unbearably loud when I read this “Love Is” posting.  

Many times in the past I have personally witnessed and have heard others speak of this notion that so many are continuing to show up in a “taking” mode…failing to see why the human race is in its current state of greed inspired material loss.  There is a notion that it’s a buyers market (which it is) so therefore, the buyer can and should just get the best deal possible in all areas with little or no thought of leaving something on the table for the “other.”   I have seen clients taking advantage of workers…squeezing every inch of profit out in their attempts to get the best price. 

Now, I’m all about getting a good price; however, we as a human race truly should eat at the table of life but please, Please, PLEASE leave food for others. 

Two weekends ago, I was sitting at an art fair.  This woman, upon proclaiming how much she just LOVED my work, while holding a $210 art piece stated “I will give you $160 for this and a red glass heart (a $90 item.)  She appeared almost angry when I gently replied “I’m sorry, I cannot do that.”

In contrast, years ago when I was 24 and my former husband, 25, we were a subcontractor for IBM in assembling their computer boards.  With 200 employees, it was  pretty stressful.  The on site engineering staff of IBM was so incredibly beautiful to Bill and to me…protective…like family.  Believe it or not, at times they would actually instruct us to rebid a job as they felt we had not bid HIGH ENOUGH to realize a profit for ourselves. 

“Try… to let others succeed, and as you do so, you succeed in a far more eternal way.”  

We are one.  What we do to others, we do to ourselves.  

Just food…for thought… 









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