Let Others Succeed


“Try… to let others succeed, and as you do so, you succeed in a far more eternal way.”    (Love Is Facebook Posting 2/8/12.) 


“Hi Honey…This was a posting on Facebook this morning. You’re all over this!  So proud of you Amber Elise Ludwig who used to sit in your swing and watch all of the ridiculousness/incredibleness of life…you took it in…made it better…became that…and now you go about your work.  Amen.

Love, Your Mama”


This was a followup email to my daughter after she shared an action purely for the benefit of helping someone which I can say, is a frequent occurrence.  I am so blessed to have two daughters out there in the world doing their work in making a difference.

My heart has been all over this topic in the last few days and has invited me to write a blog about it.  As is the way of the inner voice, it just gets louder and louder in its request for action until finally, this morning, it became unbearably loud when I read this “Love Is” posting.  

Many times in the past I have personally witnessed and have heard others speak of this notion that so many are continuing to show up in a “taking” mode…failing to see why the human race is in its current state of greed inspired material loss.  There is a notion that it’s a buyers market (which it is) so therefore, the buyer can and should just get the best deal possible in all areas with little or no thought of leaving something on the table for the “other.”   I have seen clients taking advantage of workers…squeezing every inch of profit out in their attempts to get the best price. 

Now, I’m all about getting a good price; however, we as a human race truly should eat at the table of life but please, Please, PLEASE leave food for others. 

Two weekends ago, I was sitting at an art fair.  This woman, upon proclaiming how much she just LOVED my work, while holding a $210 art piece stated “I will give you $160 for this and a red glass heart (a $90 item.)  She appeared almost angry when I gently replied “I’m sorry, I cannot do that.”

In contrast, years ago when I was 24 and my former husband, 25, we were a subcontractor for IBM in assembling their computer boards.  With 200 employees, it was  pretty stressful.  The on site engineering staff of IBM was so incredibly beautiful to Bill and to me…protective…like family.  Believe it or not, at times they would actually instruct us to rebid a job as they felt we had not bid HIGH ENOUGH to realize a profit for ourselves. 

“Try… to let others succeed, and as you do so, you succeed in a far more eternal way.”  

We are one.  What we do to others, we do to ourselves.  

Just food…for thought… 









“let go Teddy…”

Sitting in my favorite chair this morning, sipping a treasured cup of coffee…

Teddy just loves to bring his monkey toy clenched tight in his teeth, partially drops it in my lap and begs, begs, begs…me to throw it. Of course, you know the rest. This process if allowed would last all day.

The only problem…he won’t let go.

let go Teddy…or I can’t throw it I repeat over and over laughing. He just looks up at me with those big brown eyes …

uh uh.

let go Teddy…

I wonder how many times the great collective Universe/Creator/God/Spirit/Source sends us that very message in its gentle heart whisper.

let go…or I can’t give to you…let go…

In that moment of clarity, I observed the clouds moving so quickly as I gazed through these giant picture windows I have come to love. It was as if the realization of “let go” was validated by the movement of this beautiful mounding soapy sky as it washed my clinching…away.

The past, what was, economy, hopes and dreams rooted in some ego story of old, being invited to move on…to make way for the new, what is, realities and invitations to step into the gifts patiently waiting right around the corner.

Eckhart Tolle in his recent YouTube series relating to the economy speaks of the many opportunities to enjoy, practically in each moment, a new experience. I love the example of Ram Dass who after suffering a pretty massive stroke in 1997, came to embrace his altered physical body to the point of referring to it as his “grace.” An opportunity to intimately comprehend aging, shifting, evolution, transformation.

I suspect that some of you may be feeling this same sense of inner tug of war. The Tao suggests that in order to win the war, humbly lay down your weapon. Only then can one see “the enemy” as it advances thus in this clarity the warrior becomes greatly informed of its true nature.

Great depths of Gratitude to every Soul…teacher…messenger…reflection.


To Mother; A Tribute


To Mother; A Tribute

Nature.  Winter.
I gaze through the window and there she is;
slightly barren from recent freeze, and;
although She is not her Most beautiful
there is a quiet acceptance that in the Spring
her leaves will become…reborn.

One hears her Symphony…
breeze.  birds. insects buzzing.
All…singing their very own song
in perfect rhythm…no competing
just Offering in simple Peace.

Humility.  Quiet.  Strong.  Powerful.
She touches All with no discernment.
Judgement … not a word She understands.

I whisper; as I stand inside her Heart
“why can we not mirror Your way?…”
It is not for me to understand.
She is endless in her lessons…
if only One stops to hear.

I love Her.
She gives so, so
my Mentor…my grace.

With bowed head this day;
She opens wide this heart…

“thank you…thank you.”

Made in America

I received this link this morning and invite all to watch this highly motivating POSITIVE report:  MADE IN AMERICA.


During this time of economic challenge, so many people I run into just pour their hearts out about their feelings of being lost, afraid, frozen, sad, along with an overwhelming sense of…failure.  Although we know many are experiencing these very same issues and for sure we did not get into this mess intentionally or by any solitary action on the part of the individual, that question in the middle of the night “Where do I go from here?” continues to creep into the mind.

I recently read an article in an airline magazine about an architect having lost pretty much everything during this fall.  He bared his soul.  There was a photo of him standing on the steps of his once thriving firm, head down, broken, black and white.  I cried when I saw that photo.  I felt his heart and so appreciated his willingness to remove the mask of pretense that everything was “fine.”

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,…”  AMERICA.  Hope.  Where have we gone.

This news cast gives me hope for sure.  Can we remember the immigrants who arrived here with hope, filled with a willingness to work so very hard as they focused on their dreams?  Can we once again give space to diversity with an allowing that there truly is room for all?   Can we work together to rebuild America with no expectation from a government whose wheels have been incessantly greased to the point of slipping off track?

People.  Work Ethic.  Fellow Support.  Barter.  Rising Up.  America.

In closing upon viewing this video, my own heart feels renewed inspiration and I have whispered a prayer that I be shown products that By She Said can contribute toward this rebuilding of America…of myself.

Can we each remember that there is “A Me” in America?








I’ll take it. I’ll take any opportunity to sit in silence while reflecting on desired manifestations in the upcoming moment…to moment…to moment…beginning…11.11.11.

It is now November 9, 6:27 p.m. As I sit in my office typing this blog, through the window I see the almost full moon gazing down with all of its glory. Native American music…a flute…playing in the background. 11.11.11. Just think. All of those “1’s” in alignment with a willingness to allow humanity to place special meaning to their existence.

There is much projection being placed on this date. Humanity looks forward with a renewed hope in the possibility that this date will mark the new beginning for which so many have patiently awaited. With Thanksgiving right around the corner I am reminded of the thought each and every year about how wonderful it is to have a day set aside where most remember to simply say…”thank you.” The collective. Thank you. Gratitude.

And now? The collective. Projecting. New Beginnings. New. Begin. New…Be

I am called to drive to the Grand Canyon; to be with this amazing display of Mother Nature on 11.11.11. I want to whisper in her ear just how much I love her beauty, how much she has helped me along the way. I want to look over the vastness of her landscape in awe while realizing how she was pushed, pulled, shifted…over and over again through all kinds of turbulent waters before she was eventually formed into such a significant demonstration of all that is possible. Her lessons are unlimited for those eyes that are willing to see.

It is my wish for each and every person, that they embrace 11.11.11 in their unique way for the betterment of their life experience. It is also my wish that since the collective has decided to focus on the significance of this date, that we each take a moment to visualize our world at peace, whole, sharing the wealth, laughing with the children, saying thank you to those who have wounded us, holding ever so close those reflecting our greatest selves. Finally, can we collectively see, albeit difficult, the opportunity of tapping into our inner strength; a strength as magnificent as the Grand Canyon…of becoming a truly great community…during a time of greed driven world chaos?

The power of the collective is immense, as are the possibilities in:

1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 . . .









The Invitation

It’s quiet this morning.  Alone with only the sound of trickling water accompanying the soft music of Enya as they both melt into my still heart.  I am feeling gratitude. I take this time to view the following video “The Life of Flowers.”  My mind remembers reading a portion of Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now” wherein he interprets the perfect example of God/Spirit as witnessing the stillness surrounding a … single flower.


Each week I treat my Self to fresh flowers; my way of saying “Thank you Spirit of Sharon for your willingness to show up in Life…to grow.”  As each flower is, with great intention of giving gratitude,  lovingly placed in its very own space within the collective vase, I remember Eckhart’s words and truly feel the esoteric message of each flower as it invites me to also rest within this space of stillness…of now.

Recently I read a posting on Facebook:  “If you are feeling pain, you are living in the past.  If you are feeling anxiety, you are living in the future.  If you are feeling Peace…you are living in the Now.”

We are living in difficult times; yet, there is a beautiful invitation to learn, to grow, to become…to come in to Be-ing.  They are there … the flowers … setting the example.


Leave quiet beauty where you travel.



Energy Crisis? Americaʼs Greatest Untapped Resource

Meet Santa.  This incredible man is 80 years old and has been “Santa” for thousands of children for over 60 years!!!!  When I recently met him at an annual event sponsored by two amazing friends who exemplify the meaning of giving, I just couldn’t take enough pictures.  He carried such joy on his face; a look of pure delight in doing his part in creating hope/dreams/love/laughter/peace…delight for those children that day.  Santa had found his purpose in the collective so many years ago and the kind lines on his incredible face told their stories.  

Years ago I was the Director of Broadway Proper, a Tucson Retirement Community. Spending eight years with well over 200 Seniors with a mean age of 84 was like being pumped full of all of the best of Spirit energy. Unfiltered Truth, Pure Love, Utmost Integrity, Compassion, Forgiveness, Intellectual Accomplishment and best of all…Feeling…I mean R-E-A-L…Feeling, on every level. Each having become at this stage of life, graduates of the “Divinal University of Life” (as my Pops used to call it.) Graduates with the Highest of Honors.

I realized with great intensity the gifts these Seniors had to offer and sadly, in our society where we do not embrace aging; rather we shun it and spend big bucks to make it go away, there were no people lining up to receive these gifts.

Can you imagine the collective quantity of Life Understanding and Knowledge all wrapped up in 200 souls having experienced their individual Journeys, having weathered the storms of Life…Wars, the Great Depression and their own personal life lessons?

I was speaking with an 87 year old Lady (in the truest sense) one evening. I sat with her in her room and glanced up to see a black and white photograph of her standing there with the most incredible flowing wedding gown…so regal, so beautiful. “Babs, when you look at that girl in that photograph, what do you feel? Do you feel the same inside? What has Life taught you since you were that young bride?”

Babs reflected for just a moment. “I feel the same inside; I am still that girl. I think, if I could live my life over, I wouldnʼt be so angry with Anthony over the little things.”

Then there was Nick, a retired truck driver from New York. He had this habit of pinching our cute young Activities Director under the water during water aerobics. After the third or fourth “comeuppance” in my office prompted by complaints from the Senior ladies, I asked: “Nick, why do you continue to pinch Ms. Lohberg when you know it’s going to get you in trouble? ” Nick lowered his head … “I just can’t help myself.” I mean, come ON, you just have to LOVE that!

The many gifts I received during those eight years…the love and devotion this “village” freely showered upon my daughters, then ages five and seven, to this day present themselves in our lives, over and over again. I hear the voices, I see the examples and I try to live up to those invitations. I see the poise and deep understanding that Kim and Amber possess to this day, an understanding that seeped into their beings from the touch of 200 hearts and souls.

It is my invitation to you to accept the gifts of our aging. Ask the questions. Embrace the insights. If there is a conduit through which a Senior can be connected in order to give their energy, please facilitate this connect. It’s free and I promise you won’t find this in a textbook.

“Thank you for your life.” “What can you teach me?”

There it is.

Americaʼs Greatest Untapped Resource.

Where Two or Three are Gathered

Highest Common Denominator

“The world is a mess. We all know it and talk about in our private lives. It’s depressing and overwhelming at times to look at how much potential we have and yet we’re constantly bombarded by images and information that speaks to the lowest common denominator. We can do better. We can be better. I know it’s true.”   Oprah Winfrey

This was a posting by Oprah and it is so right on!  I remember years ago when I owned SunStone Guest Ranch in Tucson, Arizona.  During the restoration, one of the sub contractors commented that I should change the wedding suite from its original casita number of 13 to any other number as 13 would be bad luck for newlyweds.

What a strange thought.  I reflected on the reality of so many people focusing on the number 13 as bad luck and thinking “Well of course if that many people think of 13 as “bad” then 13 WOULD become just that in the eyes of the world.”

I mean, am I the only one who sees the clarity of this?!!

If I give my energy to building big muscles, then I will.  Well adjusted, loving daughters — you bet.  Kindness; then I shall be kind.  Afraid; then I shall live in fear.  Believing the world is falling apart; oh yes, then for sure, it shall.

For those traditional believers in Christianity, the Bible states “Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”  I love Christianity having completely devoted my early years to this belief; however my later years have led me into a more esoteric spiritual path where Jesus, the “I Am” has represented the God in me…in each of us.   Therefore, “Where two or three are gathered…” has taken on a whole new meaning pointing to each of us as co-creators working collectively as the “I Am.”

There is a responsibility in this.

I choose not to participate in the dark side of humanity which for some reason, our entire world needs to push front and center just as Oprah stated.

“Lowest Common Denominator.”

Of course there are issues in the world.  I do not advocate keeping my head in the sand in denial.  However, why oh why do we as a collective fail to give EQUAL time to the


I choose to live in my highest self.  I choose to unplug the TV until I see evidence of a higher shift (thank you Oprah for taking this first step!)  I choose to believe that people are good and great as I see evidence of that each and every moment in my life.  I choose to believe that even in the current “falling” of our economic world, that falling will be in our highest and greatest good as I see clearly that people are being FORCED to fall to their knees in humility and gratitude as others extend their compassionate hearts in giving thus creating community and a return to “family”.

Please join me in simply focusing on the highest possibilities and saying  “NO” to anyone in your experience choosing to place their energies in darkness.

The collective is powerful.  Where two or three or millions are gathered…THERE…we are.

Who Is She?

Who. Is. She.

She is that quiet/patient yet demanding voice…inside…deep; that voice that try as we might… cannot be denied. We do attempt…with great intensity…to busy ourselves in order to drown her out. For you see, if we dare to listen, to really hear…then, we must be accountable.

I call her “She” because to me, the voice feels like a She. To another, perhaps the voice may feel like a “He.” We all, each and every one of us, hear the … Voice.

In those quiet moments when we step outside our busy make believe world – perhaps a walk in nature or upon awakening in the still, dead of night or even during those life moments such as driving to work, sitting through a business meeting, or even during love making when some part of us is in denial…She whispers…the…Truth.

There have been times in my Life when I have known that I must follow her direction no matter what. There have also been those defining moments when I felt as if my Light was going out, when I couldn’t breathe or sleep…or fake it any longer. Defining moments…albeit so very difficult at the time, become our greatest most life-altering…gifts.

Byshesaid.com is a culmination of her voice; what I have come to call the “downloads.” During my life, I have performed as necessary in showing up as a single woman, devoted Mom to two incredible daughters, dedicated daughter to “Muz” and “Pops” and worker bee/breadwinner as a homebuilder/land developer. During the last two years of failing economy I have been forced to “Be still and know that I am…”

The time is now. The birthing of byshesaid.com. I have come to trust; to no longer tell myself that I/She/It… is not good enough or prepared enough. Sound familiar?

Who is She? The Spirit Voice of you…of me…of the collective. By jumping off in total obedience and trust, it is my hope that each of you will be inspired to do so as well


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