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“Love Me”

In my shop, the process of creation is so fascinating.  Two days ago, in preparation for the upcoming Tucson Museum of Art Festival, I decided to create a whimsical sculpture with no predetermined thought of design.

I began with a sunflower, then thought…”hmmm… maybe I’ll add a heart.”   The magic seemed to begin at some point during the next few welds and before I knew it, the energy of which I can only explain as similar to my perception of a “mad scientist”…began to express itself inside my body.

Two days later…”Love Me” was complete. 

As I stood back last night and observed the finished piece…the “download” poured in and this is what “She” said:

2012.  Proclaimed by many as the “End of the World.”   For almost every soul I know, this projection is proving to be true.  The world as we have known it, is in fact … dying out. 

The voice of the Sacred Feminine (for women and men alike) is proclaiming powerfully from a methodically constructed  foundation of Self Love as She commands:


Full On Light as her Purpose is being met.

Full On Volume as her Truth is being stated.

Communion with her Tribe as Souls are Collectively Honored.

Sacred Love and Love Making as her Temple is being Respected.

Spontaneous Giving as Need is presented.

Vibrancy of Body as Nourishment is Meticulously selected.

Clarity of Thought guided by:  “What Would Love Do?”

Honoring ALL life forms as the Golden Rule is Actualized.

Respect and Nurturing for Mother Earth as her Sacred Home. 

Gratitude as her Path…all of it…is Understood.

So you see, the sculpture whispered its name as the heart shaped “leaves” along with the letters…m…e…were welded to the stem of the high flying heart…

“Love Me. “

I felt it … inside.  I felt the solid knowing of the Purpose of my Path…the Joy, the Sorrow, the perceived loss.  I knew that finally, at long last,     I … love … me;       and the best part? 

In loving me and I mean ALL of me, I can now truly Love others and I mean, ALL of others as I embrace the many lessons of diversity.

The elements of “Love Me” danced before me.  As the Sunflower stood tall and solid in its serious display of inner light purpose, the heart flew high while singing “I LOVE!” in the breeze.  Larger flowers were still as they displayed Beauty and Creation in the “Now” … while little Daisies danced wildly in all directions as they laughingly proclaimed …”Dare to Be!!!…”

I am grateful for 2012…for the waking up experience being chosen by so many.  It is my prayer for all to stand very still with closed eyes and hear the heart as She whispers… 

“Trust Me

“Be True to Me” 

“Love … Me” 



Let Go


silence in this soul

a witness;

words come and go

loud fingers pointing…humans.

broad strokes;

blame and shame…

painted on life’s canvas

in perceived realism.


these eyes searching

preferring abstract

colors free …

dancing kaleidoscopes



transparent voice

soft. harsh. free. being.

most love her.

peace. inside.

paths leading … home;

no discrimination.


there in her waters

a reflection longing

“may i be one with you?”

let go” she said …

“grass grows

wind blows


do what they do.”

a smile.

soft clouds abstract

enter this canvas;

‘namaste’ she whispers.

Largest Single Living Organism

I was told that after a devastating forest fire, Aspen trees really flourish.  I have seen evidence of this in Mother Nature during walks in the woods…beautiful families of Aspens so alive and vibrant surrounded by fallen charred Pines in varying stages of decay.  Aspens are connected by their roots and are therefore known as the largest single living organism.

For some reason this morning, my phone has buzzed incessantly with texts from so many people…reaching out.  Like the pines, during these difficult times where multitudes have fallen after varying states of economic/physical/relationship/emotional “fires,” there is a flourishing…a growing of vibrant love/giving/community…a coming together in deep devotion like no other time I have witnessed in my lifetime…other than perhaps 9/11.

We are all connected … like roots … inside … therefore … the largest single living organism.



“What we do to others, we do to ourselves.”  “What we speak of others, we speak of ourselves.”  

“How we give to others, we give to ourselves.”

“How we love others … we love ourselves.”

So many are questioning:  “Why is this happening to me?”  

Look to the Aspens.  

I love Mother Nature as she has always provided … answers … reflections … of life. We must take care of her and whisper “thank you” for all that she gives.

Aspens are cropping up all around.  Connected.  Rooted in humility yet grandeur.  Offering beauty as light shimmers in the breezes of Life. 

I offer this today because my heart is full.  



The Mystery


A couple of months ago By She Said was accepted into the Tucson Museum of Art annual art show and it was amazing.  There were connections made that will forevermore run deep as art seekers “got” By She Said’s message.  My daughter Kimberly has this wonderful belief that what we offer in our business is really our “Store Front” … as the real work/life purpose commences once customers step inside.  

This is true.  Those attracted to the art of By She Said would approach her “store” then heart stories would be shared…time after time.  I felt so blessed to be there.

Nancy Nagle was one of those connections.  I have her permission to share this story.  This video entitled “The Mystery” shares a truly beautiful unfolding during the weeks that followed my encounter with Nancy…a light filled soul whom I hold in my heart as a treasured gift.

Just this morning I shared this FaceBook post:

Always having been a complete believer of what Albert Einstein expressed in this post, I have come to understand from experience the truth of what he says in a profound way.  

Although I named the video “The Mystery,” deep inside an excitement erupts each time I witness this Mystery/Physics/Spirit co-creation with the realization that this process truly is NOT a Mystery.  The only factor involved in our lack of experiencing these miracles in each and every moment…is that we Human Be-ings are most commonly functioning as Human Doubt-ings…or perhaps Human Fear-ings.

I will share that upon Nancy’s viewing of “The Mystery”…. I received the most heart felt voice message wherein she emotionally expressed her shift from sorrow to joyful inspiration.  Nancy had intended to place her bird feeder inside her home, as a shrine to her father, John.  She was grieving her lose deeply.  She expressed that she felt the dove was a messenger…gently whispering that her father was well and at peace within the Cycle of Life.  Nancy went on to say that the bird feeder would be placed outside…feeding the birds…just as John would have wanted. 



She was at Peace.



Ahh…the Nature of the Mystery.  




Last night while hearing all over the news, beautiful accolades about the unbelievably talented Whitney Houston, I found myself feeling anger.  I recalled the many photos published proudly in the most sensational way on magazine covers … photos exposing Whitney in her lost state of drugs and alcohol.

I wondered:  Could this outcome have been avoided if society had published, while Whitney was alive, all of these same incredible statements of her talent, kindness as a person, etc. as opposed to adding to her obvious humiliation and sense of being lost? 

Why do we as a society act in this fashion?  Why do we support any action whether it be purchasing publications or even entering into discussions at the expense of another’s journey?  Gossip?  Remaining silent while hearing ugly comments about another when we know in our hearts the beauty in that “Other?”  We take in wounded animals, even creating a network of support in adoption programs all across the country; yet, often times lost/self abusive souls are harshly criticized, conveniently omitted from invitation lists, … forgotten … until ….

What if we visualized a bright fluorescent orange  “FRAGILE” sticker on the foreheads of each and every person crossing our paths?  

What if, upon hearing unkind gossip we inserted a gentle comment of something good we know to be true in that person?  

Thank you Whitney for your life and in passing … for this invitation.  




“let go Teddy…”

Sitting in my favorite chair this morning, sipping a treasured cup of coffee…

Teddy just loves to bring his monkey toy clenched tight in his teeth, partially drops it in my lap and begs, begs, begs…me to throw it. Of course, you know the rest. This process if allowed would last all day.

The only problem…he won’t let go.

let go Teddy…or I can’t throw it I repeat over and over laughing. He just looks up at me with those big brown eyes …

uh uh.

let go Teddy…

I wonder how many times the great collective Universe/Creator/God/Spirit/Source sends us that very message in its gentle heart whisper.

let go…or I can’t give to you…let go…

In that moment of clarity, I observed the clouds moving so quickly as I gazed through these giant picture windows I have come to love. It was as if the realization of “let go” was validated by the movement of this beautiful mounding soapy sky as it washed my clinching…away.

The past, what was, economy, hopes and dreams rooted in some ego story of old, being invited to move on…to make way for the new, what is, realities and invitations to step into the gifts patiently waiting right around the corner.

Eckhart Tolle in his recent YouTube series relating to the economy speaks of the many opportunities to enjoy, practically in each moment, a new experience. I love the example of Ram Dass who after suffering a pretty massive stroke in 1997, came to embrace his altered physical body to the point of referring to it as his “grace.” An opportunity to intimately comprehend aging, shifting, evolution, transformation.

I suspect that some of you may be feeling this same sense of inner tug of war. The Tao suggests that in order to win the war, humbly lay down your weapon. Only then can one see “the enemy” as it advances thus in this clarity the warrior becomes greatly informed of its true nature.

Great depths of Gratitude to every Soul…teacher…messenger…reflection.


To Mother; A Tribute


To Mother; A Tribute

Nature.  Winter.
I gaze through the window and there she is;
slightly barren from recent freeze, and;
although She is not her Most beautiful
there is a quiet acceptance that in the Spring
her leaves will become…reborn.

One hears her Symphony…
breeze.  birds. insects buzzing.
All…singing their very own song
in perfect rhythm…no competing
just Offering in simple Peace.

Humility.  Quiet.  Strong.  Powerful.
She touches All with no discernment.
Judgement … not a word She understands.

I whisper; as I stand inside her Heart
“why can we not mirror Your way?…”
It is not for me to understand.
She is endless in her lessons…
if only One stops to hear.

I love Her.
She gives so, so
my Mentor…my grace.

With bowed head this day;
She opens wide this heart…

“thank you…thank you.”



I’ll take it. I’ll take any opportunity to sit in silence while reflecting on desired manifestations in the upcoming moment…to moment…to moment…beginning…11.11.11.

It is now November 9, 6:27 p.m. As I sit in my office typing this blog, through the window I see the almost full moon gazing down with all of its glory. Native American music…a flute…playing in the background. 11.11.11. Just think. All of those “1’s” in alignment with a willingness to allow humanity to place special meaning to their existence.

There is much projection being placed on this date. Humanity looks forward with a renewed hope in the possibility that this date will mark the new beginning for which so many have patiently awaited. With Thanksgiving right around the corner I am reminded of the thought each and every year about how wonderful it is to have a day set aside where most remember to simply say…”thank you.” The collective. Thank you. Gratitude.

And now? The collective. Projecting. New Beginnings. New. Begin. New…Be

I am called to drive to the Grand Canyon; to be with this amazing display of Mother Nature on 11.11.11. I want to whisper in her ear just how much I love her beauty, how much she has helped me along the way. I want to look over the vastness of her landscape in awe while realizing how she was pushed, pulled, shifted…over and over again through all kinds of turbulent waters before she was eventually formed into such a significant demonstration of all that is possible. Her lessons are unlimited for those eyes that are willing to see.

It is my wish for each and every person, that they embrace 11.11.11 in their unique way for the betterment of their life experience. It is also my wish that since the collective has decided to focus on the significance of this date, that we each take a moment to visualize our world at peace, whole, sharing the wealth, laughing with the children, saying thank you to those who have wounded us, holding ever so close those reflecting our greatest selves. Finally, can we collectively see, albeit difficult, the opportunity of tapping into our inner strength; a strength as magnificent as the Grand Canyon…of becoming a truly great community…during a time of greed driven world chaos?

The power of the collective is immense, as are the possibilities in:

1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 . . .









The Invitation

It’s quiet this morning.  Alone with only the sound of trickling water accompanying the soft music of Enya as they both melt into my still heart.  I am feeling gratitude. I take this time to view the following video “The Life of Flowers.”  My mind remembers reading a portion of Eckhart Tolle’s “The Power of Now” wherein he interprets the perfect example of God/Spirit as witnessing the stillness surrounding a … single flower.

Each week I treat my Self to fresh flowers; my way of saying “Thank you Spirit of Sharon for your willingness to show up in Life…to grow.”  As each flower is, with great intention of giving gratitude,  lovingly placed in its very own space within the collective vase, I remember Eckhart’s words and truly feel the esoteric message of each flower as it invites me to also rest within this space of stillness…of now.

Recently I read a posting on Facebook:  “If you are feeling pain, you are living in the past.  If you are feeling anxiety, you are living in the future.  If you are feeling Peace…you are living in the Now.”

We are living in difficult times; yet, there is a beautiful invitation to learn, to grow, to become…to come in to Be-ing.  They are there … the flowers … setting the example.


Leave quiet beauty where you travel.



Energy Crisis? Americaʼs Greatest Untapped Resource

Meet Santa.  This incredible man is 80 years old and has been “Santa” for thousands of children for over 60 years!!!!  When I recently met him at an annual event sponsored by two amazing friends who exemplify the meaning of giving, I just couldn’t take enough pictures.  He carried such joy on his face; a look of pure delight in doing his part in creating hope/dreams/love/laughter/peace…delight for those children that day.  Santa had found his purpose in the collective so many years ago and the kind lines on his incredible face told their stories.  

Years ago I was the Director of Broadway Proper, a Tucson Retirement Community. Spending eight years with well over 200 Seniors with a mean age of 84 was like being pumped full of all of the best of Spirit energy. Unfiltered Truth, Pure Love, Utmost Integrity, Compassion, Forgiveness, Intellectual Accomplishment and best of all…Feeling…I mean R-E-A-L…Feeling, on every level. Each having become at this stage of life, graduates of the “Divinal University of Life” (as my Pops used to call it.) Graduates with the Highest of Honors.

I realized with great intensity the gifts these Seniors had to offer and sadly, in our society where we do not embrace aging; rather we shun it and spend big bucks to make it go away, there were no people lining up to receive these gifts.

Can you imagine the collective quantity of Life Understanding and Knowledge all wrapped up in 200 souls having experienced their individual Journeys, having weathered the storms of Life…Wars, the Great Depression and their own personal life lessons?

I was speaking with an 87 year old Lady (in the truest sense) one evening. I sat with her in her room and glanced up to see a black and white photograph of her standing there with the most incredible flowing wedding gown…so regal, so beautiful. “Babs, when you look at that girl in that photograph, what do you feel? Do you feel the same inside? What has Life taught you since you were that young bride?”

Babs reflected for just a moment. “I feel the same inside; I am still that girl. I think, if I could live my life over, I wouldnʼt be so angry with Anthony over the little things.”

Then there was Nick, a retired truck driver from New York. He had this habit of pinching our cute young Activities Director under the water during water aerobics. After the third or fourth “comeuppance” in my office prompted by complaints from the Senior ladies, I asked: “Nick, why do you continue to pinch Ms. Lohberg when you know it’s going to get you in trouble? ” Nick lowered his head … “I just can’t help myself.” I mean, come ON, you just have to LOVE that!

The many gifts I received during those eight years…the love and devotion this “village” freely showered upon my daughters, then ages five and seven, to this day present themselves in our lives, over and over again. I hear the voices, I see the examples and I try to live up to those invitations. I see the poise and deep understanding that Kim and Amber possess to this day, an understanding that seeped into their beings from the touch of 200 hearts and souls.

It is my invitation to you to accept the gifts of our aging. Ask the questions. Embrace the insights. If there is a conduit through which a Senior can be connected in order to give their energy, please facilitate this connect. It’s free and I promise you won’t find this in a textbook.

“Thank you for your life.” “What can you teach me?”

There it is.

Americaʼs Greatest Untapped Resource.

(520) 358-0444