Sculpture: Rusted Metal Sculpture Art

There is such joy in transforming sheets and tubes of lifeless, cold steel into beautiful form with its own expression. During this process there is a sense of true creation and as a lover and student of nature, I can feel the life of the piece as it grows, weld by weld.

My work presents its message to those with a heart to hear. As an example, when asked by a private school if I could build their mascot, a Scorpion, my response was yes as long as the Scorpion portrayed a “higher” message…”If you have to sting…Sting With Light.” Thus, the ten foot metal Scorpion with a stained glass/prism stinger was born.

If you can sense your expression…in your heart; BySheSaid can give it life. There are art pieces I carry in stock such as giant rusted metal daisies both for in and out doors, bird feeders, metal urns, candelabras, mirrors, etc., yet much of my work consists of private metal artwork commissions.

My favorite commissions? Trees expressing a family history or the life of a dear one passing; a perfect monument beautifully portraying the unfolding of life.

Feel free to contact Sharon Ludwig via email or phone in order to discuss how BySheSaid may best serve.

(520) 358-0444