Last night while hearing all over the news, beautiful accolades about the unbelievably talented Whitney Houston, I found myself feeling anger.  I recalled the many photos published proudly in the most sensational way on magazine covers … photos exposing Whitney in her lost state of drugs and alcohol.

I wondered:  Could this outcome have been avoided if society had published, while Whitney was alive, all of these same incredible statements of her talent, kindness as a person, etc. as opposed to adding to her obvious humiliation and sense of being lost? 

Why do we as a society act in this fashion?  Why do we support any action whether it be purchasing publications or even entering into discussions at the expense of another’s journey?  Gossip?  Remaining silent while hearing ugly comments about another when we know in our hearts the beauty in that “Other?”  We take in wounded animals, even creating a network of support in adoption programs all across the country; yet, often times lost/self abusive souls are harshly criticized, conveniently omitted from invitation lists, … forgotten … until ….

What if we visualized a bright fluorescent orange  “FRAGILE” sticker on the foreheads of each and every person crossing our paths?  

What if, upon hearing unkind gossip we inserted a gentle comment of something good we know to be true in that person?  

Thank you Whitney for your life and in passing … for this invitation.  




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