Okay…I should be in my shop welding right now to prepare for an upcoming show.  But…I just can’t let this day go by without addressing…Valentines Day…a day set aside for expressing Love. 


I know, I know…EVERY day is for showing love and V-Day was initiated by retailers to force sales of cards, flowers, candy, etc…right? 

Well, I’m thinking today of all of the fellow travelers holding a place in my heart.  Kim and Amber at the top of the list…followed by Teddy (of course) and my family.  Then there are my close friends, clients, and … those people in my past whom have helped mold my Spirit into what it is today.  

How about checking in with your heart…with that one person you feel has wounded you…the most:

  “Happy Love Day.  I appreciate the Growth you brought to my Life.”  

Maybe I’m going overboard here?  Well…maybe it’s my age inviting me to expand the meaning of Valentines Day?  Who knows.  

All I know is, it felt really good to take my morning and text tons of people just to say… 

“Happy Love Day.  I appreciate you.”


Finally, just think about the collective energy going out into the world as a result of tons of people taking action … to express love and appreciation. 

This is an OPPORTUNITY folks!  

Instead of a collective energy of…oh let’s say…fear?  Judgment of all that is broken?  Worry over work?     I’m too fat?  (lol)   So and so wounded me?  And on and on and on…




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