Who Is She?

Who. Is. She.

She is that quiet/patient yet demanding voice…inside…deep; that voice that try as we might… cannot be denied. We do attempt…with great intensity…to busy ourselves in order to drown her out. For you see, if we dare to listen, to really hear…then, we must be accountable.

I call her “She” because to me, the voice feels like a She. To another, perhaps the voice may feel like a “He.” We all, each and every one of us, hear the … Voice.

In those quiet moments when we step outside our busy make believe world – perhaps a walk in nature or upon awakening in the still, dead of night or even during those life moments such as driving to work, sitting through a business meeting, or even during love making when some part of us is in denial…She whispers…the…Truth.

There have been times in my Life when I have known that I must follow her direction no matter what. There have also been those defining moments when I felt as if my Light was going out, when I couldn’t breathe or sleep…or fake it any longer. Defining moments…albeit so very difficult at the time, become our greatest most life-altering…gifts.

Byshesaid.com is a culmination of her voice; what I have come to call the “downloads.” During my life, I have performed as necessary in showing up as a single woman, devoted Mom to two incredible daughters, dedicated daughter to “Muz” and “Pops” and worker bee/breadwinner as a homebuilder/land developer. During the last two years of failing economy I have been forced to “Be still and know that I am…”

The time is now. The birthing of byshesaid.com. I have come to trust; to no longer tell myself that I/She/It… is not good enough or prepared enough. Sound familiar?

Who is She? The Spirit Voice of you…of me…of the collective. By jumping off in total obedience and trust, it is my hope that each of you will be inspired to do so as well


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