Largest Single Living Organism

I was told that after a devastating forest fire, Aspen trees really flourish.  I have seen evidence of this in Mother Nature during walks in the woods…beautiful families of Aspens so alive and vibrant surrounded by fallen charred Pines in varying stages of decay.  Aspens are connected by their roots and are therefore known as the largest single living organism.

For some reason this morning, my phone has buzzed incessantly with texts from so many people…reaching out.  Like the pines, during these difficult times where multitudes have fallen after varying states of economic/physical/relationship/emotional “fires,” there is a flourishing…a growing of vibrant love/giving/community…a coming together in deep devotion like no other time I have witnessed in my lifetime…other than perhaps 9/11.

We are all connected … like roots … inside … therefore … the largest single living organism.



“What we do to others, we do to ourselves.”  “What we speak of others, we speak of ourselves.”  

“How we give to others, we give to ourselves.”

“How we love others … we love ourselves.”

So many are questioning:  “Why is this happening to me?”  

Look to the Aspens.  

I love Mother Nature as she has always provided … answers … reflections … of life. We must take care of her and whisper “thank you” for all that she gives.

Aspens are cropping up all around.  Connected.  Rooted in humility yet grandeur.  Offering beauty as light shimmers in the breezes of Life. 

I offer this today because my heart is full.  


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