“let go Teddy…”

Sitting in my favorite chair this morning, sipping a treasured cup of coffee…

Teddy just loves to bring his monkey toy clenched tight in his teeth, partially drops it in my lap and begs, begs, begs…me to throw it. Of course, you know the rest. This process if allowed would last all day.

The only problem…he won’t let go.

let go Teddy…or I can’t throw it I repeat over and over laughing. He just looks up at me with those big brown eyes …

uh uh.

let go Teddy…

I wonder how many times the great collective Universe/Creator/God/Spirit/Source sends us that very message in its gentle heart whisper.

let go…or I can’t give to you…let go…

In that moment of clarity, I observed the clouds moving so quickly as I gazed through these giant picture windows I have come to love. It was as if the realization of “let go” was validated by the movement of this beautiful mounding soapy sky as it washed my clinching…away.

The past, what was, economy, hopes and dreams rooted in some ego story of old, being invited to move on…to make way for the new, what is, realities and invitations to step into the gifts patiently waiting right around the corner.

Eckhart Tolle in his recent YouTube series relating to the economy speaks of the many opportunities to enjoy, practically in each moment, a new experience. I love the example of Ram Dass who after suffering a pretty massive stroke in 1997, came to embrace his altered physical body to the point of referring to it as his “grace.” An opportunity to intimately comprehend aging, shifting, evolution, transformation.

I suspect that some of you may be feeling this same sense of inner tug of war. The Tao suggests that in order to win the war, humbly lay down your weapon. Only then can one see “the enemy” as it advances thus in this clarity the warrior becomes greatly informed of its true nature.

Great depths of Gratitude to every Soul…teacher…messenger…reflection.


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