Let Others Succeed


“Try… to let others succeed, and as you do so, you succeed in a far more eternal way.”    (Love Is Facebook Posting 2/8/12.) 


“Hi Honey…This was a posting on Facebook this morning. You’re all over this!  So proud of you Amber Elise Ludwig who used to sit in your swing and watch all of the ridiculousness/incredibleness of life…you took it in…made it better…became that…and now you go about your work.  Amen.

Love, Your Mama”


This was a followup email to my daughter after she shared an action purely for the benefit of helping someone which I can say, is a frequent occurrence.  I am so blessed to have two daughters out there in the world doing their work in making a difference.

My heart has been all over this topic in the last few days and has invited me to write a blog about it.  As is the way of the inner voice, it just gets louder and louder in its request for action until finally, this morning, it became unbearably loud when I read this “Love Is” posting.  

Many times in the past I have personally witnessed and have heard others speak of this notion that so many are continuing to show up in a “taking” mode…failing to see why the human race is in its current state of greed inspired material loss.  There is a notion that it’s a buyers market (which it is) so therefore, the buyer can and should just get the best deal possible in all areas with little or no thought of leaving something on the table for the “other.”   I have seen clients taking advantage of workers…squeezing every inch of profit out in their attempts to get the best price. 

Now, I’m all about getting a good price; however, we as a human race truly should eat at the table of life but please, Please, PLEASE leave food for others. 

Two weekends ago, I was sitting at an art fair.  This woman, upon proclaiming how much she just LOVED my work, while holding a $210 art piece stated “I will give you $160 for this and a red glass heart (a $90 item.)  She appeared almost angry when I gently replied “I’m sorry, I cannot do that.”

In contrast, years ago when I was 24 and my former husband, 25, we were a subcontractor for IBM in assembling their computer boards.  With 200 employees, it was  pretty stressful.  The on site engineering staff of IBM was so incredibly beautiful to Bill and to me…protective…like family.  Believe it or not, at times they would actually instruct us to rebid a job as they felt we had not bid HIGH ENOUGH to realize a profit for ourselves. 

“Try… to let others succeed, and as you do so, you succeed in a far more eternal way.”  

We are one.  What we do to others, we do to ourselves.  

Just food…for thought… 









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