“Love Me”

In my shop, the process of creation is so fascinating.  Two days ago, in preparation for the upcoming Tucson Museum of Art Festival, I decided to create a whimsical sculpture with no predetermined thought of design.

I began with a sunflower, then thought…”hmmm… maybe I’ll add a heart.”   The magic seemed to begin at some point during the next few welds and before I knew it, the energy of which I can only explain as similar to my perception of a “mad scientist”…began to express itself inside my body.

Two days later…”Love Me” was complete. 

As I stood back last night and observed the finished piece…the “download” poured in and this is what “She” said:

2012.  Proclaimed by many as the “End of the World.”   For almost every soul I know, this projection is proving to be true.  The world as we have known it, is in fact … dying out. 

The voice of the Sacred Feminine (for women and men alike) is proclaiming powerfully from a methodically constructed  foundation of Self Love as She commands:


Full On Light as her Purpose is being met.

Full On Volume as her Truth is being stated.

Communion with her Tribe as Souls are Collectively Honored.

Sacred Love and Love Making as her Temple is being Respected.

Spontaneous Giving as Need is presented.

Vibrancy of Body as Nourishment is Meticulously selected.

Clarity of Thought guided by:  “What Would Love Do?”

Honoring ALL life forms as the Golden Rule is Actualized.

Respect and Nurturing for Mother Earth as her Sacred Home. 

Gratitude as her Path…all of it…is Understood.

So you see, the sculpture whispered its name as the heart shaped “leaves” along with the letters…m…e…were welded to the stem of the high flying heart…

“Love Me. “

I felt it … inside.  I felt the solid knowing of the Purpose of my Path…the Joy, the Sorrow, the perceived loss.  I knew that finally, at long last,     I … love … me;       and the best part? 

In loving me and I mean ALL of me, I can now truly Love others and I mean, ALL of others as I embrace the many lessons of diversity.

The elements of “Love Me” danced before me.  As the Sunflower stood tall and solid in its serious display of inner light purpose, the heart flew high while singing “I LOVE!” in the breeze.  Larger flowers were still as they displayed Beauty and Creation in the “Now” … while little Daisies danced wildly in all directions as they laughingly proclaimed …”Dare to Be!!!…”

I am grateful for 2012…for the waking up experience being chosen by so many.  It is my prayer for all to stand very still with closed eyes and hear the heart as She whispers… 

“Trust Me

“Be True to Me” 

“Love … Me” 



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