Made in America

I received this link this morning and invite all to watch this highly motivating POSITIVE report:  MADE IN AMERICA.

During this time of economic challenge, so many people I run into just pour their hearts out about their feelings of being lost, afraid, frozen, sad, along with an overwhelming sense of…failure.  Although we know many are experiencing these very same issues and for sure we did not get into this mess intentionally or by any solitary action on the part of the individual, that question in the middle of the night “Where do I go from here?” continues to creep into the mind.

I recently read an article in an airline magazine about an architect having lost pretty much everything during this fall.  He bared his soul.  There was a photo of him standing on the steps of his once thriving firm, head down, broken, black and white.  I cried when I saw that photo.  I felt his heart and so appreciated his willingness to remove the mask of pretense that everything was “fine.”

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,…”  AMERICA.  Hope.  Where have we gone.

This news cast gives me hope for sure.  Can we remember the immigrants who arrived here with hope, filled with a willingness to work so very hard as they focused on their dreams?  Can we once again give space to diversity with an allowing that there truly is room for all?   Can we work together to rebuild America with no expectation from a government whose wheels have been incessantly greased to the point of slipping off track?

People.  Work Ethic.  Fellow Support.  Barter.  Rising Up.  America.

In closing upon viewing this video, my own heart feels renewed inspiration and I have whispered a prayer that I be shown products that By She Said can contribute toward this rebuilding of America…of myself.

Can we each remember that there is “A Me” in America?






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