The Mystery


A couple of months ago By She Said was accepted into the Tucson Museum of Art annual art show and it was amazing.  There were connections made that will forevermore run deep as art seekers “got” By She Said’s message.  My daughter Kimberly has this wonderful belief that what we offer in our business is really our “Store Front” … as the real work/life purpose commences once customers step inside.  

This is true.  Those attracted to the art of By She Said would approach her “store” then heart stories would be shared…time after time.  I felt so blessed to be there.

Nancy Nagle was one of those connections.  I have her permission to share this story.  This video entitled “The Mystery” shares a truly beautiful unfolding during the weeks that followed my encounter with Nancy…a light filled soul whom I hold in my heart as a treasured gift.

Just this morning I shared this FaceBook post:

Always having been a complete believer of what Albert Einstein expressed in this post, I have come to understand from experience the truth of what he says in a profound way.  

Although I named the video “The Mystery,” deep inside an excitement erupts each time I witness this Mystery/Physics/Spirit co-creation with the realization that this process truly is NOT a Mystery.  The only factor involved in our lack of experiencing these miracles in each and every moment…is that we Human Be-ings are most commonly functioning as Human Doubt-ings…or perhaps Human Fear-ings.

I will share that upon Nancy’s viewing of “The Mystery”…. I received the most heart felt voice message wherein she emotionally expressed her shift from sorrow to joyful inspiration.  Nancy had intended to place her bird feeder inside her home, as a shrine to her father, John.  She was grieving her lose deeply.  She expressed that she felt the dove was a messenger…gently whispering that her father was well and at peace within the Cycle of Life.  Nancy went on to say that the bird feeder would be placed outside…feeding the birds…just as John would have wanted. 



She was at Peace.



Ahh…the Nature of the Mystery.  



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  • Darcy says:
    May 5, 2012 3:34 PM

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful story. I love your work (we first saw it at Casas Adobes show and fell in love with it). Little did I know the rest of the lovely story about John and Nancy. John had a beautiful spirit to the end of his days here on Earth and this is a perfect tribute to him.

    • BySheSaid, Rusted Metal Art Creations says:
      May 5, 2012 4:29 PM

      Thank you Darcy for your comment regarding “The Mystery.”

      I did not have the pleasure of knowing John; however, through Nancy it is obvious that his Love and Light have been passed on. It is such a gift in my life to cross paths with fellow travelers such as yourself…who get the message of By She Said. We each truly are conduits for purposes of assisting others. When there are comments like yours, it is validation that I am hearing “her” message and doing my work.

      In Gratitude,

      By She Said

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