To Mother; A Tribute


To Mother; A Tribute

Nature.  Winter.
I gaze through the window and there she is;
slightly barren from recent freeze, and;
although She is not her Most beautiful
there is a quiet acceptance that in the Spring
her leaves will become…reborn.

One hears her Symphony…
breeze.  birds. insects buzzing.
All…singing their very own song
in perfect rhythm…no competing
just Offering in simple Peace.

Humility.  Quiet.  Strong.  Powerful.
She touches All with no discernment.
Judgement … not a word She understands.

I whisper; as I stand inside her Heart
“why can we not mirror Your way?…”
It is not for me to understand.
She is endless in her lessons…
if only One stops to hear.

I love Her.
She gives so, so
my Mentor…my grace.

With bowed head this day;
She opens wide this heart…

“thank you…thank you.”

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