“We just love each other.”

Last evening I was sitting with a client for the purpose of hearing her life story.  By She Said was being commissioned to create a tree…a tree that would portray the story of this incredible family I had been blessed to encounter. My heart was open to receive any insights from all I was hearing and busily, the details of these lives were being recorded on my artist sketch pad.

Then I asked this question:

“When you see yourself as a very old, wise person…rocking in your chair… and you look back on your life with your partner…what do you feel inside?  What has been that bond that has been the foundation of your shared lives?”

Hesitating for only a moment, my client stated.

“We just love each other.”

Simple.  Yet…profound in its simplicity.  

My pen stopped and I found myself really seeing this beautiful woman facing me.  In that moment of truth, she looked like a young, innocent, heart opened soul and I recognized her message.

So many will state “The word “Love” is overused.”  ”You KNOW how much I love you…why do I have to say it?”  or…”I say I love you with my actions…I don’t need to say the words…words are just words.”

What if at the end of our lives we could say about ALL of our encounters along the way:

“We just loved each other.”

Although those who know me often tease about my living in “la la land” or wearing my emotions on my sleeve (smile)…there is even a deeper commitment to express the love I feel to those touching my path.

I say:  

Express love.  Every day.  Shout it from the rooftop.  Whisper it in an ear.  Even when it feels awkward…get used to it.  How often do we see an action that elicits a sense of loving/appreciation/admiration…only to walk away without expression.

WOW!  I kid you not … just at this EXACT moment…I received this text:  

I love you.”    

I’m laughing here… talk about validation!  What more can I say.


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