Where Two or Three are Gathered

Highest Common Denominator

“The world is a mess. We all know it and talk about in our private lives. It’s depressing and overwhelming at times to look at how much potential we have and yet we’re constantly bombarded by images and information that speaks to the lowest common denominator. We can do better. We can be better. I know it’s true.”   Oprah Winfrey

This was a posting by Oprah and it is so right on!  I remember years ago when I owned SunStone Guest Ranch in Tucson, Arizona.  During the restoration, one of the sub contractors commented that I should change the wedding suite from its original casita number of 13 to any other number as 13 would be bad luck for newlyweds.

What a strange thought.  I reflected on the reality of so many people focusing on the number 13 as bad luck and thinking “Well of course if that many people think of 13 as “bad” then 13 WOULD become just that in the eyes of the world.”

I mean, am I the only one who sees the clarity of this?!!

If I give my energy to building big muscles, then I will.  Well adjusted, loving daughters — you bet.  Kindness; then I shall be kind.  Afraid; then I shall live in fear.  Believing the world is falling apart; oh yes, then for sure, it shall.

For those traditional believers in Christianity, the Bible states “Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”  I love Christianity having completely devoted my early years to this belief; however my later years have led me into a more esoteric spiritual path where Jesus, the “I Am” has represented the God in me…in each of us.   Therefore, “Where two or three are gathered…” has taken on a whole new meaning pointing to each of us as co-creators working collectively as the “I Am.”

There is a responsibility in this.

I choose not to participate in the dark side of humanity which for some reason, our entire world needs to push front and center just as Oprah stated.

“Lowest Common Denominator.”

Of course there are issues in the world.  I do not advocate keeping my head in the sand in denial.  However, why oh why do we as a collective fail to give EQUAL time to the


I choose to live in my highest self.  I choose to unplug the TV until I see evidence of a higher shift (thank you Oprah for taking this first step!)  I choose to believe that people are good and great as I see evidence of that each and every moment in my life.  I choose to believe that even in the current “falling” of our economic world, that falling will be in our highest and greatest good as I see clearly that people are being FORCED to fall to their knees in humility and gratitude as others extend their compassionate hearts in giving thus creating community and a return to “family”.

Please join me in simply focusing on the highest possibilities and saying  “NO” to anyone in your experience choosing to place their energies in darkness.

The collective is powerful.  Where two or three or millions are gathered…THERE…we are.

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